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The India Chapter of the New York State Bar Association International Law Section By Sanjay Chaubey

17 Oct

The India Chapter of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) International Law Section has played an instrumental role in building a bridge between the legal communities in the United States and India. Two years ago, the India Chapter held a conference in Mumbai, which attracted more than 200 representatives from Indian legal and business communities. For three days, individuals attended various talks and panels that concentrated primarily on the role of emerging Indian markets and the country’s newfound role in the global marketplace. The opening session and keynote address brought together leadership figures in the NYSBA and a leading New Delhi lawyer of Bombay, Dehli, and the rest of India.

About the Author:
A seasoned legal professional, Sanjay Chaubey serves the needs of clients through a private office in New York City, which he has operated for more than a decade. Outside of his office, Sanjay Chaubey remains actively involved with the NYSBA, acting as the co-chair of the NYSBA International Law Section’s India Chapter.


New York Attorney Sanjay Chaubey Speaks at IACC Conference

6 Sep

In addition to operating his own full-service law firm located in the heart of New York City, Sanjay Chaubey contributes actively to numerous Indo-American organizations that promote awareness, education, and commerce for the thriving Indian population in the United States. Recently, Mr. Chaubey addressed the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce at the 2011 Summit for US-India Trade & Economics, better known as SUITE 2011.

SUITE 2011 discussed potential areas for mutual growth between the two nations and was attended by government officials, consultants and legal experts, and private businesses. Mr. Chaubey served as a panel member during the legal session, discussing “med-arb,” a combination of mediation and arbitration used to resolve disputes.

The Law Offices of Sanjay Chaubey, a boutique firm in Manhattan, provides legal services in the international business community, representing clients in corporate law, immigration, real estate, and financial planning for high-net-worth individuals.